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ACNM's Diversification and Inclusion Initiative


ACNM formed a Diversification and Inclusion Task Force in 2012 to provide an understanding of the strengths and barriers in our organization related to diversification and inclusion and to begin to develop a strategy to become a more diverse and inclusive organization. In 2013, the Task Force selected Jodi DeLibertis of Greater Good Consulting to assist ACNM in developing this strategy. The work of the Task Force and the consultancy included personal interviews, focus groups, and a survey of ACNM members, as well as observations about how ACNM functions as an organization. The Task Force has also provided a number of programs, activities and communications for ACNM members at the ACNM Annual Meeting, Midwifery Works!, and Quickening.

June 2015 Report

This work of the Task Force and Greater Good Consulting has resulted in the June 2015 report, "Shifting the Frame: A report on diversity and inclusion in the American College of Nurse-Midwives." The report captures the key findings of the ACNM diversity and inclusion assessment conducted in 2014 and provides strategic direction and goals to enable ACNM to cultivate diversification and inclusion within the association and the profession of midwifery. It includes, as a preface, a letter of reflection and response from the ACNM Board of Directors. Greater Good Consulting has also provided a video with a deeper explanation of concepts discussed in "Shifting the Frame."

Additional Resources

Visit this web page for a growing list of resources to deepen your knowledge about working across difference. Take a moment to fill out a brief survey on what resources you would like to see here.

ACNM Strategic Plan and Diversification and Inclusion

The ACNM 2015 - 2020 Strategic Plan identifies diversification and inclusion as one of ACNM's 5 core commitments over the next five years. This commitment clearly states that ACNM embraces diversity and inclusion in our profession and organization at every level to meet the needs of a diverse US population and so that all CNMs and CMs feel welcome and able to contribute to the profession. We have included strategies throughout the new plan to develop a deeper understanding of how to be more welcoming to midwives of color and others who have been traditionally underrepresented in ACNM. We also are committing to creating greater transparency in the leadership process so that every member is able to participate fully in ACNM affiliates and the national organization. We will be working to clarify our strategy for diversifying the midwifery workforce and spreading the word about midwifery to communities of color.

We encourage members to join the conversation about diversification, inclusion, and health equity. In addition to a number of Annual Meeting events, we encourage you to discuss this initiative on the ACNM Town Hall Connect Community, or you can send comments to

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